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Who We Are?

FA’RA is a premium quality Italian fragrance house with an exquisite lines for men and women that features natural fragrance oils. Each FA’RA scent has an intricate background. Inspires from the early 1900s era of Italy – these scents are an amalgamation of colors, energy, and rhythm – each fragrance is the result of an elaborate creative process.

From the conception of an idea to its culmination, each scent is a personal effort from the house of FA’RA. We do what we love and so we always explore the changing trends to consistently cater to the tastes of our discerning customers. FA’RA has successfully struck a chord with a growing number of perfume lovers.

Ever since the first bottle was released, FA’RA London has steadily grown in stature and winning accolades, appreciation and hearts along the way.

About FA'RA London

There is no substitute for quality ingredients. It’s our goal for all perfumes to be made from the highest quality ingredients that are ethically sourced.

Our Masculine and Feminine are the proud results of this dedication.



Fragrance has a great power. It arouses emotions, desires, memories and relief which lead to peace of mind. Such is the influence of perfume, which brings serenity to the mind and hence adhering to the culture. This is what we in FA’RA London believe in. This is embedded in our philosophy to serve this rich perfume tradition to our customers.

At FA’RA London, we help our customers to attain this serenity of culture through our fragrance. We make sure every bottle of perfume is dabbed with quality & craft, and indeed, in each bottle of our perfumes and in every whiff you take; you will find this culture.

We know what we do and we are always detrained to do it better. With this same culture and belief. FA’RA London has managed to craft a portfolio of over 15 exceptional fragrances. We have confined the niche market segment that’s not the end, FA’RA London exquisite range has footprints in leading retail stores and mall across Pakistan in addition to an exclusive presence at various Perfumery retailers.

FA’RA Men – Rock Star 100ml - Fara London
Our Mission

FA’RA London aims to be a world leader in fine perfumery, always anticipating and meeting the tastes and preferences of our discerning customers and bringing them serenity through the medium of fragrance

FA’RA Women – Delice 100ml - Fara London

Our Vision

We excite, inspire and soothe the human spirit, one person and one bottle at a time.

Our Core Values


Our actions reflect our absolute commitment to our customers, our suppliers, our people and our planet.


From ingredients and technology to people and premises, we invest only in the highest quality available


We act honestly and openly at all times: our word is our brand.


We will never compromise our reputation for excellence


Where we can make a positive change, we’re willing to challenge the status quo.

FA'RA Women - True Love Gift Box - Fara London
FA'RA Women - True Love Gift Box - Fara London
True Love Gift Box by FARA London
FA’RA Women – Red Berries 100ml - Fara London
FA’RA Women – Red Berries 100ml - Fara London
Sale price Rs.5,040 Regular price Rs.7,200 Save 30%
FA’RA Women – True Love 100ml - Fara London
Sale price Rs.5,625 Regular price Rs.7,500 Save 25%
FA’RA Women – Black 100ml - Fara London
FA’RA Women – Black 100ml - Fara London
FA’RA Women – Delice 100ml - Fara London