FA’RA – Oud Gold 100ml

SKU: FARA - Oud Gold 100ML
FA’RA – Oud Gold www.faralondon.com

FA’RA – Oud Gold 100ml

SKU: FARA - Oud Gold 100ML
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FA’RA Men –  Oud Gold

An ancient oud combined with a magnificent Eastern Amber for a duo with vitality thanks to the frankincense from the Africa & to 5 other components. Amber spreads and reveals a noble oriental heart of Musk and oud. Unisex, refined and aphrodisiac by excellence. It is designed for the person who is mysterious, business class and outgoing.

Top Notes: Pepper, Saffron, Nutmeg.

Heart Notes: Olibanum, Leather, Cashmere Wood.

Base Notes: Amber, Vanila, Cedar Wood, Oud, Musk.





Introducing "Oud" by FARA London, a fragrance that captures the essence of luxury, opulence, and mystique. This captivating scent is a masterful composition of rich and exotic notes, creating an olfactory experience that is both alluring and enchanting.

From the moment it touches your skin, Oud unveils its aromatic journey with a mesmerizing blend of top notes. Pepper, saffron, and nutmeg intertwine, creating a spicy and warm introduction that commands attention. The combination of these ingredients adds a touch of vibrancy and intrigue, setting the stage for the olfactory masterpiece to unfold.

As the fragrance evolves, the heart notes reveal a sensual and indulgent symphony of scents. Olibanum, also known as frankincense, lends a mystical and resinous quality, infusing the composition with an aura of spirituality. Leather adds a hint of ruggedness, evoking images of well-worn books and cozy libraries. The inclusion of cashmere wood brings a velvety smoothness and elegance, adding depth and sophistication to the fragrance.

The base notes of Oud form the foundation of its allure, with a captivating blend that lingers on the skin. Amber, with its warm and golden glow, radiates a sense of sensuality and luxury. Vanilla adds a creamy sweetness, providing a delicate balance to the composition. Cedarwood brings a woody richness, while oud, the star ingredient, adds an earthy and smoky depth that is both captivating and enchanting. Musk, with its animalistic allure, wraps the fragrance in a seductive embrace, leaving a lasting impression.

Oud by FARA London is a fragrance that invites you to immerse yourself in a world of luxury and intrigue. Its intoxicating blend of rich and exotic notes creates an aura of sophistication and elegance, capturing the essence of Arabian nights and ancient traditions. Whether you're attending a formal event, embarking on a romantic rendezvous, or simply seeking to exude an air of mystery, Oud is the perfect companion on your journey.

Indulge in the spicy and warm top notes, surrender to the sensual heart notes that weave a tale of elegance, and bask in the richness of the base notes that leave an unforgettable impression. With Oud, FARA London invites you to embrace the allure of the exotic, to explore the depths of luxury, and to envelop yourself in a scent that whispers tales of beauty and enchantment.









Variants: We offer this perfume in one format:

Perfume Spray: Our 100ml spray bottle is sturdy, sober and easy to use. It is made with EDP concentration so that it lasts longer.

Concentration: Perfume Spray – Oil Concentration: 30% (Eau De Parfum)

Sillage & Lasting: Sillage: Strong

Lasting upto: 12 hours (measured in standard atmosphere)





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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Syed Irtiqa Ali
Strong Oud

Very nice product, now I am also interested in the testers Sent by Fara London

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